California-based Sierra Leonean producer Thy Young, also known as Francis Tiffa Williams, released his debut album, Scent Of Amie, on June 14th, 2024, via Survival Records LLC. Alongside the album, he will unveil a music video for the focus track, ‘Enjoyment’. Before the album’s release, two singles were dropped. The first, ‘Luck’, received acclaim from EARMILK, while the second, ‘Cocoa (Coco)’ gained support from Music In Africa. Thy Young is renowned as one of Sierra Leone’s top producers, having worked with artists such as Kontri Boss, Dom B., and Swadu Natasha Beckley. He earned the title of Best Music Producer at the Sierra Leone National Entertainment Awards in 2020 and 2021. His influence extends globally, with his work featured on CNN Inside Africa. Drawing inspiration from US Hip-Hop icons like 2Pac and 50 Cent, as well as Sierra Leonean legends such as Jimmy B., Amie Kallon, and Steady Bongo, Thy Young’s music appeals to fans of Rema, Davido, and Obongjayar. With his solo project gaining momentum, Thy Young’s trajectory continues to rise without signs of slowing down.

Scent of Amie presents a dynamic blend of Afrobeat and electronic sounds, showcasing talents like Amie Kallon and Steady Bongo. The standout track, ‘Enjoyment’, features the infectious rhythm of the Gumbe drum, a West African treasure. With its lively bassline and spirited vocals, the song exudes joy and resilience, leaving listeners uplifted. Produced by Thy Young, the album marks a captivating debut, paying homage to the African diaspora with its lush and inspiring sound.

Thy Young revealed: Scent Of Amie, a dedication to my late mother, pulsates with the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats, enriched by traditional sounds, such as the Gumbe drum, creating a mesmerizing fusion of West Africa and contemporary sounds that captivate the souls of audiences. My album not only features new up-and-coming artists but also legendary musicians such as Amie Kallon, and Steady Bongo. I’m very proud of the cross generational aspect of this project.” 

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