Adam Haddour returns with a moving EP, ‘Let Me Land’, with an introspective electronic pop track ‘Icarus’

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Algerian-Canadian artist Adam Haddour is recently released his highly-anticipated EP, Let Me Land, signaling a notable shift in his musical trajectory. Recognized for his unique blend of R&B-pop fusion, Adam’s sound has evolved to embrace emotive storytelling and cutting-edge production. Beginning his journey with an EP recorded in 2018, Adam became a fixture in London’s music scene before the pandemic prompted a reevaluation of his musical direction. The result is Let Me Land, a five-track exploration of modern romance, exemplified by the brooding electronic pop track ‘Icarus’.

Crafted in collaboration with producer Charlie Zhu and studio engineer Charlie Rolfe, Adam’s sound has been meticulously honed to deliver a fresh, genre-blending experience. Returning to the stage with a headline set at Colours Hoxton, Adam previewed singles from Let Me Land, following the success of his 2022 hit, ‘Forbidden Fruit’. As he invites listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of love, Adam emerges as an artist on the brink of a breakthrough, guided by his soulful vocals and evocative storytelling.

Adam shared: “Icarus is the final song on my five-track EP ‘Let Me Land’. It completes the narrative of a failed love cycle that the tape explores. The tape cycles through all the emotions of love; it starts with the promise of a new-found love in ‘Left the Party’. Icarus is about the inevitable low when romance crashes and burns.”

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