Renowned game Far Cry® 6 receives Afro-Caribbean soundtrack

Camila Cabello, Natti Natasha, ChocQuibTown , Ubisoft
Camila Cabello, Natti Natasha, ChocQuibTown , Ubisoft

The island of Yara will not be the same after a corrupt president takes unnecessary action against the residents who do not comply with his order in the new game Far Cry® 6 via Ubisoft. The game features the music of composer Pedro Bromfman which takes a neo-classical and Caribbean approach. The Music of Yara LP has been unveiled for this world-renowned game. This soundtrack takes a vibrant approach with reggae, salsa, and Afro-Caribbean notes.

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Ubisoft Music shared their excitement on socials: “New Far Cry music alert! Listen to our latin-themed playlist featuring the best tracks of the Island. Including exclusive tracks from Porfi Baloa  & Gabylonia  #FarCry6

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The LP consists of noteworthy Venezuelan musicians Porfi Baloa and Gabylonia who have both had their share of commercial success for their work. The Island of Yara is painted in one colourful picture with this latest offering, showing us the lively and electric atmosphere its inhabitants create when they are free to roam as they please. There is definitely a diverse palette needed for the game’s music, but we are not mad at it.

LP tracks ‘Camino Revolucionario’ & ‘Sueños de Libertad’ feature on the Spotify playlist

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