Musician Várvara shares mesmerizing beats with new music video

Shakira, Fergie, Várvara
Shakira, Fergie, Várvara

Announced by national television with the words “2020   is her year”Várvara intends to step up more in  2021,  without forgetting her origins. As a living melting pot between the East and the West, it is a  personal concern of hers to portray the duality of these two cultures in her music and challenge the ideas that exist in today’s world. 

Since she would have loved to have someone to look up to as a child, she decided to be that person herself, and represent the people who come from where she comes from. Growing up in a  Balkan household among other artists, Várvara was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles from an early age. She has retained this openness to this day and has understood that she should not be narrowed down into genres either. 

When Várvara is not working on new songs in the studio, you can find her in front of the camera in roles that challenge her personally and allow her to grow. In  2020 she could be seen on the big screen in the lead role of the award-winning film APART. 

Várvara’s new single CHAMPIONS is about marginalized people who step into the ring, day after day, and relentlessly give their best to win, regardless of whether they choose it or not. Powerful dancehall beats give the energy one needs to be the champion they truly are. Even though inspired by the immigrant community, the song doesn’t exclude anyone – it’s aimed at everyone who needs a team, because without team spirit we won’t get very far. 

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