Guard releases smokey new single ‘color by numbers’ with a self-directed music video


Charismatic memer Guard released the first single, ‘color by numbers’ on 1 October 2023. It is the first single from his upcoming second album IT WAS ALL A MEME… – set to hit the airwaves on October 27th 2023. Born in a small town in South Africa before immigrating to Australia at a young age, Guard was brought up on the internet, fostering a love for pop music & pop culture, expressing himself through poetry, lyrics, filmmaking and graphic design. He has a strong presence in the internet’s meme community, with a combined following of over 1 million. Using his meme pages as a base, he has launched a following for his own musical project. Guard creates conceptual, unexpected pop music that draws from personal experience, aiming to blur the lines between technology and humanity so that listeners are forced to remain aware of – and continue to question – society around them.

‘color by numbers’ is a moody, confessional self-portrait that navigates the sometimes confusing dating game. He collaborated with fellow queer artist Indiana Williams on the lyrics which tell the story of Guard finally feeling mentally stable enough to look for companionship. Backed by a Post Malone-esque gritty, dark trap production, Guard’s smooth and emotive vocals paint a hazy, smokey sonic picture. You emerge from listening feeling dazed, but moved. 

Guard’s self-directed & edited music video shows the story behind a scar on his sternum. He divulged: “I wanted to be brave as an artist and show an aspect of myself that I try to hide & in a sense paint a picture of who I truly am. My scars make me stronger & there is a lesson to be learned through every adversity. However, I think it’s also okay to want to pursue things that don’t sabotage my mental well-being & to not want “just another lesson”. My journey over the past few years has been learning how to trust and respect myself.”

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