Evil Needle shares ‘Subsonic,’ unveils “Abyssal” LP


Garnering significant attention with the release of ‘Pays Her Bills ft Noah‘ as well as ‘Loud ft Naji,’ Evil Needle has released ‘Subsonic’ as the final track before the unveiling of his new album Abyssal.

A vigorous touring scheduling during the release of the album has not slowed the prolific beatmaker   down. He has played recent dates in Europe, Thailand and Africa, juggling track premieres with live shows.

Known for his collaborations with Troiboy, SIvey and Mr Carmack, Mo Vibez, Sivey, Elaquent, Freddie Joachim, JMSN, Doja Cat and Naji, Evil Needle stands out in the current Future Beats / Trap landscape by his multi-layered music personality. His savvy and finely chiseled productions are unique and pervaded with his multifaceted influences that include Mr Lif, Pharcyde, Bicasso, Hieroglyphics and Wu Tang Clan.

“I’ve always been producing a lot of different genres over the past 10 years” he says. “This release pretty much sums up my various producing styles, ranging from House, Future Beats and RnB to Trap and straight Boom Bap. Same styles, but deeper, aka Abyssal.”

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