Ancient Astronauts return, featuring collaboration with afrobeats band BANTU

Delivering music with a message, Ancient Astronauts have teamed up with renowned band BANTU on their latest introspective single ‘Photoshop Reality’. The single is lifted off of Ancient Astronauts anticipated album ZIK ZAK, which will be released via their imprint Switchstance Recordings  on the 22nd of January 2021.

‘Photoshop Reality’ is a captivating listen from the thought-provoking lyrics and strong conviction in the vocals translate the issue of perfection and altered realities we buy into even though they may not be real or achievable to us. Ancient Astronauts continue to create an easy listening experience with their confrontational and bold thinking. 

The duo previously chatted with us about the media industry (read full interview), “ Pop music mostly talks about how nice everything is, how you can become the greatest, the most adored, the coolest outsider, and blablabla. it is all just created hollowness, like a second world you can escape to and forget what is happening in the real world. it´s an escape from the real world, and I do not think that it really helps. You gotta face reality in order to change things and make things better. But if those issues are not addressed then nothing will change. If you only talk about the niceness of sunshine then you can never stand the rain.”

ZIK ZAK Album Tracklist:

1. Upliftment Skit feat. C Wyne Nalukalala

2. Basonyiwe feat. Spyda MC

3. Pagliacci´s Reprise feat. Joyce Olong

4. Ghetto Youth Never Give Up feat. C Wyne Nalukalala

5. Pump Up The Sound feat. Bani Fyah

6. Moz Militant feat. Blaze 5th

7. Tebamanyi feat. MoRoots

8. Wan Aken feat. Brazen Rule

9. Photoshop Reality feat. BANTU

10. My Vision feat. Shoeshine Buoy

11. Omuntu Wwo feat. MOTH

12. No Luv feat. Modenine

13. Social Distancing feat. Ife Piankhi

14. Entandikwa feat. Abramz

15. Deram Me 1 Minuto feat. Olho Vivo

16. Source Of Life feat. Nilotika Cultural Ensemble

17. Ddala feat. Spyda MC

18. Simulizi Zetu feat. GP Rowdix

19. Do It To The Beat feat. Blessed San

20. Ziinga Zanram feat. Art Melody

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