Music producer SNARL drops sophomore song, ‘Trapped’

Code: Pandorum, Virtual Riot

Music producer SNARL drops sophomore song, ‘Trapped’

Image credit: Edward Cooke

British maverick, SNARL drops his progressive sophomore single ‘Trapped’. 16 year old SNARL kicked off the summer with his debut single Ibiza’, which received support from the likes of Official Charts, Spindle Magazine, Alfitude, 14HQ and many more. ‘Trapped’ on the other hand comes to us as the season changes, with a deeper and more electrifying undertone to the track. 

‘Trapped’ feels like a statement made by the wonder-kid SNARL. The track almost invents its own universe, which essentially, we all want to live in. SNARL was instantly inspired by the lyrics of the track and says: “I was looking through my sample library, and found this one set of lyrics. The tone and melody the vocalist used spoke to me a lot and the word Trapped could be applied in so many situations. I edited, played with the shape and effects to make it a bit dirtier and darker. I then built the track around the vocal. I took a lot of inspiration from Boombox Cartel, as well as NGHTMRE, two amazing artists who are brilliant in this style/ vein of music. As soon as I found the chord progression, I was determined to get everything else just right so l could share it.”

While SNARL has shown he is able to produce increasingly brash, energetic and OTT extremes, ‘Trapped’ indicates his keen eye for lyrical harmonies that can be flipped into hardcore club bangers.  

Raised in Essex, SNARL is a world away from the huge multi-level clubs where he sees his music being played. But none of that matters when you’re a kid with an internet connection. He’s grown up on Discord chats and forums, where he’s connected with dance music lovers across the globe. He’s studied hard, in the electronic music school of mainlining YouTube vids throughout the night. SNARL has devoured music that could be defined as organised chaos. Stuff by DJs, like Virtual Riot and dubstep acts such as Code: Pandorum. Future house producer Don Diablo, but there’s heavier, metal adjacent music too. These head thrashing influences all combine in SNARL’s upcoming music.

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