Producer Kooma taps inspiration in ‘Hydra’

Kooma, Øfdream, CHVRN, eevee, Jinsang
Kooma, Øfdream, CHVRN, eevee, Jinsang

Image credit: Samir Abya

‘Hydra’ is the product of a flash of insight. The record came together when a likely frustrated Kooma had a lightbulb moment. Watching waves crash fueled his creative impulse, which he then poured into completing the newly released song. “The main progression and drum pattern of ‘Hydra’ came to life pretty effortlessly,” the producer informs us. “but the final form of the song wasn’t shaping as seamlessly.”

Stream / Download: Kooma – ‘Hydra’

Opening with emotive plucks, ‘Hydra’ grows from humble beginnings to a bass-heavy beast with saturated synths that glitch and stutter. Foley-like drum hits form the chewy centre around which the sonic bits and bobs orbit, occasionally crashing into one another, generating friction, then fire. The friction could have come from Kooma’s internal tension. “I feel like I had all the puzzle pieces but they just didn’t fit. Then one day there was this crazy storm in Fuengirola.” The rest is history.

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Although simple, to say the song lacks fullness would be a lie. Rather, many small, short elements interchange like actors on a stage, coming in and out of view to fulfil their respective roles. This keeps things clean and tidy, making the progression easy to follow.

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