Artist Max Wassen and RetroVision collab on new flaming song ‘AUBADE’

Max Wassen, RetroVision, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone
Max Wassen, RetroVision, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone

Image credit: Kenny Stroobandt, Jordan Marchand

Hailing from the world’s most tropical countries, the Canadian-Swedish rapper Max Wassen has kicked off 2023 with the legendary RetroVision to bring you a taste of sunshine-filled beats during these cold winter nights. 

Max has been added to over 2,200 playlists, amassing 16 million streams on Spotify, and has drawn attention and support from the likes of Monstercat, Spinnin’ Records, Lowly., and SOAVE. As well as collaborations with French Fuse, Anthony Keyrouz, written for the Netflix Show Stuck With You and many more. 

With Max’s undeniable charisma, humor and charm, it’s no wonder his fan base doubles on the daily. 

He now takes on a new track with RetroVision, a brilliant French producer making waves in his own name, to kick off Max’s biggest project to date collaborating with some of the biggest producers in France such as Mosimann, Damien N-Drix, Miller Miller, Aazar, and of course, RetroVision

‘AUBADE’ is the first collaboration from the project, expertly melding together RetroVision’s futuristic style with Max Wassen’s articulated flow. 

Bio Max Wassen:

Max Wassen is a self-absorbed rapper who is now writing his own bio. There really is no slowing down the ego of this man. So be prepared for a lot of his own ass-kissing as he proceeds to talk about himself in the third person in an attempt to sound more interesting than he actually is. 

Max Wassen was born at a very young age and has already turned 26 before having time to regret it. Being born in Toronto, Canada, Max’s family had decided they were done with the cold, so when Max turned 12 they decided to move, and fly back to their home country. That country is the tropical country of Sweden. 

Moving to a new country is always difficult, true. But if you’re a loud social idiot like Max, and you’re moving to a country where the social norm is to not stick out in any way, that social norm basically being the law, then it’s even more difficult. After being bullied for years, Max decided to put his feelings and points of view from blood to the brain, to paper, and to this day hasn’t stopped. Max’s main source of inspiration comes from artists like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Anderson Paak, but hasn’t let his core stay too predictable, as he is also often affiliated with working together with several EDM artists like Bhaskar, Feder, Damien-N-Drix and Lucas Estrada. PewDiePie shouted him out one time if you know who that is. Hit Max up on Instagram if you want proof. Oh hey, look, links!

Bio RetroVision:

RetroVision is a 25-year-old DJ, Producer and Remixer from France who taking the electronic world by storm. His original music and remixes have not only been supported by hundreds of thousands of fans online but some of the most well-known and respected DJs on the planet have recently played his music at EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival Miami and SiriusXM. 

Retro has seen continued support from major YouTube and SoundCloud curators with features, premieres and releases on AirwaveMusicTV, Future House Music, GalaxyMusic, House Nation, MrSuicideSheep, NoCopyRightSounds, OnTheHouse and xKito to name but a few.

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