Musician Gozé shares snared up hip-hop beats

J.Cole, Jay-Z,Gozé
J.Cole, Jay-Z,Gozé

Image credit: Andy Ando

Gozé, is the alias of producer/artist Sebastian Fritze. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden and currently based in Venice, CA, Gozé is deeply inspired by the melodic hooks and beat-based poetry of 90’s Hip Hop. The project began with a simple concept in mind: to have a new featured artist on every track he releases, ultimately infusing each song with a fresh vibe and keeping the listener on their toes. Fritze is also a member of the acclaimed indie rock band Grizfolk.

His latest single “Wish U Well”, features New York rapper LoftBlue and Los Angeles artist Sakari. The 90s hip-hop inspired tune is rich in poetic production, emitting a cool, laid-back aura. Starting off with an icy intro, the smooth beat and deep bassy burn shifts into an alluring emporium of vocals from Sakari, giving off buckets of class and creating a cool, mellow atmosphere. Gozé divulges, “I get inspired by songs that take you on a journey. I wanted the listener to feel like they start somewhere and end up somewhere else and at that point say ‘wait, is this the same song?’ to then bring them back home again.”

With the intention to create music that brings an essence of nostalgia, whilst being fresh and new, Gozé delivers a surprise with each and every release. He confides, “I love hearing a track and being able to recognize instantly who produced it. The Neptunes, Timbaland, Dr. Dre had such unique sounds that their productions almost became the artist itself. My intentions are to create that with Gozé.”

Over the years, Fritze has performed to sold-out arenas, at venues including Red Rocks and Radio City Music Hall and on shows such as David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and many more. His previous release “Chasing Dreams” features rapper Old Man Saxon and trans activist Shea Diamond and is the official song for Hulu’s Original Documentary, “Changing The Game.”

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