Music producer oblyx is hopeful in new song ‘Invincible’


Music producer oblyx is hopeful in new song ‘Invincible’

Credit: Wide Eyed Studios

Musician and rule-breaker oblyx has released his new and hopeful single titled ‘Invincible’. Speaking about the single, oblyx shares obylx,This song is not meant to be interpreted as me (obylx) being invincible, more that ideas can have a lasting effect. If something is worth pursuing then follow that realisation and that idea can become something that will outlive us all

Bass Music  share their opinion on the new oblyx single, “It is the beginning of the new month, which means music producer Oliver Johnson aka oblyx has shared a new song. The title of the track is ‘Invinicible’ and we are so relieved! Let us just say that his previous single ‘Walk On’ was beautifully tragic, admitting how the quarantine period had consequences on his mental health, and it is unique for men to express that they need support in this regard.”

If one thing, oblyx music is a pure portrayal of mental health and how fragile it truly is. Everyone feels emotionally weary or mentally isolated at one point in this life, some people are just comfortable with expressing their emotions, which is what oblyx does through the music that he creates.  In the same breath, oblyx is showing us how powerful the brain is to overcome distress and recover in his new song.

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