EDM-themed tea house to open in San Francisco


A tea house with an EDM theme is set to open soon in San Francisco. Gosu will feature both bubble tea and big beats, and yes, it will be open for breakfast.

Owner Joey Tran told Eater:

“It’s not about drugs or anything like that. You know how you go into a bar and see people fighting sometimes because they’re drunk,” he said. “But you don’t see that at a rave because we believe in the concept of PLUR. That’s why I incorporated that.”

The name of the game is PLUR – peace, love, unity, respect. Gosu will also serve Asian snacks and desserts.

EDM will remain a constant at Gosu. However, due to the fact that “millennials are so very finicky”, says Tran, the trends will dictate the food served.

Earlier in the year, “rave food truck” business EDMunchies disastrously failed to meet their Kickstarter target in the Boston area.