Listen To Das mörtal’s ‘Always Loved’ – OUT NOW!


Das mörtal’s much anticipated album,  Always Loved  has been released via Lisbon Lux Records. ‘Midnight Rendez-Vous’ (ft. French Fox) – the first single taken from the album,  has already garnered attention with its edgy music video, featuring a balaclava-wearing couple creating mayhem on a night out. 

Drawing influence from the 80s (Depeche Mode and Skinny Puppy) and 90s (The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada), Das mörtal’s individual style brings together the best elements of Berlin’s techno scene and 80s movie soundtracks: driving beats and rich, expansive synths – two aspects that are very apparent on this album.

Described as “a moody, emotive album full of rubbery arpeggiated synths and explosive drum hits” Always Loved was produced with the help of French Fox (one half of Lisbon Lux Records, who has previously aided bands such as Le Couleur and Beat Market.)

Always Loved Tracklist:
01 Midnight Rendez-Vous (feat. French Fox)
02 Backseat Love Affair
03 Bedtime Intimacy
04 Dark Valley Intercourse
05 Jennifer
06 Risking My Life (feat. Ghost Twin)
07 Youth Escape
08 The Curse
09 Final Survivor Girl
10 Midnight Rendez-Vous (Outro)

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