Jerry Folk teams up with himself to tell a story in new song and video

Jerry Folk, Fred Again.., Braxton, Sigma
Jerry Folk, Fred Again.., Braxton, Sigma

Image credit: @akam1ke

In his new release, Jerry Folk and his alias FENGSEL tell a story. It’s an emotional tale of growth, time, and the inevitable passing of life. To me, it explores the gift and curse of looking back, searching the past for the comfort of what once was but only finding a yearning for what can no longer be.

Stream / Download: Jerry Folk – ‘Better Days’

A visual representation of development at its most essential, the music video shows a child growing from a boy to a man in the blink of an eye, moving from the nurture of his parents to the loneliness of individuality. And along the way, he learns, leaving behind his old toys only to pick up new ones. Though the topic seems heavy, the track is anything but. It is a refreshing, heartfelt record that perfectly accompanies the feelings of nostalgia that Jerry, I assume, tried to capture.

When asked to share his thoughts on the track, the producer said: “I made this track in LA last year around the same time I made my last EP, Castle Tapes, and was inspired by medieval sounds, UK Punk, and ‘90s breakbeat music – trying to find a unique middle ground between the three. It’s coming out as a collab between Jerry Folk and my FENGSEL alias. It’s hard to explain but when some things I make get a certain nerve, I want to have it in the FENGSEL universe.”

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