Jerry Folk produces trap rhythms in latest song

Lauryn Hill, SBTRKT, Jerry Folk, SZA
Lauryn Hill, SBTRKT, Jerry Folk, SZA

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From a brilliant mind that is making his mark in the electronic music scene, comes a unique blend of old-school and new school with new genre-bending release from Jerry Folk. The producer takes one on a journey through the early 2000s with a final pit stop in the 2020’s with his latest masterfully crafted single ‘U Got It’ via Folkestad Recordings. Featuring an intro that is parallel to the likes of Lauryn Hill, this track immediately draws one in with an upbeat and nostalgic sound perfectly juxtaposed with its distinctly modern elements. The sounds of the synth paired with liquid-smooth vocals create an all-around entrancing vibe that compels one to hit replay again and again. 

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Folk elaborates on the story behind the song: “As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more aware of how I get drawn to certain palettes over periods of time and how I can use this to make more cohesive projects. Thinking more conceptually about my sound choices and moods gives me a bigger feeling of purpose when making music. “Got It” is a result of the last couple of years where I’ve been drawn toward mediaeval-sounding things. Harpsichords, worn instruments, simple, folky (no pun intended) sounding music. It’s the first single from my upcoming project “Castle Tapes” and it captures a lot of the palette that has been inspiring me the last couple of years. Hope you enjoy it!”

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With a distinct neo-soul influence, this song pays homage to two different eras of music by combining that distinctly y2k sound and seamlessly blending it with an electric beat. The result is a refreshing blend of today’s electronic sounds with yesteryear’s vocals.

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