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BEANO – Dublin’s hip-hop mastermind unleashes debut album ‘Unsolicited Beef’ & infectious single ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’.


Beano is a hip-hop artist from North Dublin who is set to make waves in the Irish scene and beyond with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Unsolicited Beef’, under the esteemed Irish label Outstraight Records .Known for his slick rhyme schemes and gritty flows reminiscent of 90s hip-hop icons, Beano’s journey from a young enthusiast to a formidable artist has culminated in this groundbreaking 11-track project and accompanying single, ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’ released on May 3rd, 2024. ‘Unsolicited Beef’ offers up a new level of artistic endeavour, showcasing a more polished style, format and dedication from one of the cities best wordsmiths.

Leading the charge is the infectious single ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’, produced by the renowned 404NOTFOUND. A homage to the golden era of 90s hip-hop, Beanos synonymous high octane energy and intricate rhyme schemes showcase an artist that has truly immersed himself in the artform of hip-hop, setting the tone for the album’s nostalgic yet modern vibe. With its blend of feel-good vibes and relatable storytelling, ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’ is emblematic of Beano’s mastery of the genre, while also being true to the present day and evolution of the genre.

Beano shares “The single is a time capsule of milestones and memories from my childhood right through to today. The creative process for Ellenfield Park Flow was a cathartic one for me – as I got to revisit a number of locations and experiences that are very close to me in a local and artistic setting.”

Listen to the track…

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Listen to Yung Saber’s tasty new track, ‘Gucci Prada’


UK Dancehall sensation Yung Saber revealed his latest track, ‘Gucci Prada,’ on January 26th, 2024. The versatile artist, known for his prowess in dancehall and hip-hop as well as his roles as a freelance A&R, model, and actor, has amassed over 10 million streams across various platforms. In 2021, he exploded onto the UK Dancehall scene with the global success of his track ‘Tump & Kick.’ He then produced two remixes, the first featuring Stylo G and the second an All-star remix with UK Dancehall luminaries Big Zeeks, Shanti Force, The Rara, Doktor & Irah. Saber’s performances have graced prestigious events such as MADE Festival, Brighton Harbour Festival, Glastonbury, and the Notting Hill Carnival with Amazon, +44, along with numerous other venues across the UK. His presence extends to BBC radio shows, including appearances on Rampage, Seani B and BBC 1Xtra. Notably, in February 2023, he participated in the BBC Maida Vale Session with Seani B, delivering a live band performance of his hit single ‘Karl Kani’ as part of the BBC dancehall weekender.

Drawing inspiration from Super Cat and Vybz Kartel, Yung Saber’s musical style can be likened to that of J Hus, Govana, MoStack, Not3s, Krept & Konan, and Yxng Bane. ‘Gucci Prada,’ is a captivating dancehall track where Yung Saber effortlessly showcases his skills, delivering a playful and confident vocal flow over an irresistible afroswing beat. The song features a smooth vocal verse from Prince Akeem, adding an extra layer of charm. ‘Gucci Prada’ is a celebratory anthem that revolves around success and indulging in the finer aspects of life, ensuring an immediate uplift for the listener.

Yung Saber revealed: “The inspiration behind ‘Gucci Prada’ was about having a good time and living my best life. With all the stresses that come with life itself the song celebrates the times when we are having fun and living that YOLO life, and high end fashion/designer fits being a big part of the dancehall culture we all want to step out looking our best surrounded by good vibes.”

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European hip hop star Papa Aashi spits cross-cultural bars on new track ‘boys II men’

Credit: Papa Aashi

On November 24th, ‘European hip-hop’ rogue agent Papa Aashi broke tradition and boundaries with his fresh new song, ‘boyz II men’. Blending jazz, blues, indie rock, and trip-hop into a unique brand of hip-hop stylings, the Amsterdam-based artist’s music is informed by a wide array of cultural influences. Born in Brussels, and living between the cultural crossroads of both Kazakhstan and Ireland before landing in Amsterdam, Papa Aashi offers a fresh perspective on cross-cultural storytelling through his music. Over the past year, Aashi has stormed the stages of prominent clubs in both Amsterdam and London following the success of his debut 2021 album, ARIA. Stream the new single ‘boys II men’ right now:

The direct reference to Motown legends notwithstanding, ‘boyz II men’ highlights the rapper and producer’s captivatingly mature flow and varied approach to compositional influences. Down-tempo but in no way dull, the new track offers an experimental approach to structure. Discontent with following the norm, Papa Aashi delivery is a distinct brand of bars. As the vocals smoothly steer the track’s momentum, Aashi traverses his genre-bending production style with panache. With a bright funk-dance flair, the production work showcases Aashi‘s signature groovy timbre and melodic magic. Subtly sucking listeners in with new sounds whilst offering familiar hooky progressions.

From his early days as an EDM DJ to immersing himself in the underground world of trap, Papa Aashi has metamorphosed into a new-age European rapper and producer; laser-focused on honing his sonic identity and carving out his own unique lane within the electronic music scene.

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Listen to R3HAB’s hot new remix of ‘Habaytak’, featuring Ghizlane Melih

Credit: R3HAB

Multi-platinum producer, and DJ, R3HAB has just unleashed a new remix of Acid Arab’s infectiously exciting track, ‘Habaytak’. For the last fifteen years, the musician, Fadil El Ghoul, better known by the R3HAB moniker, has remixed the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Taylor Swift, and Calvin Harris, put out original tracks with huge collabs, and has dominated the mainstream whilst staying true to his Dutch-Moroccan heritage. Out now via [PIAS] Électronique, R3HAB gave the Eastern-inspired sound of the original track, featuring Ghizlane Melih’s vocals, a darker, faster-paced twist. Watch the freshly released Jean-Charles Charavin-directed video: 

Trailblazing through the original with his vision but never forgetting to intensify Acid Arab’s existing builds and breaks, R3HAB heightens the vocal track to spine-tingling levels. Incorporating explicit House elements and throbbing electronic bass, this club banger exaggerates the source material’s production whilst keeping Ghizlane Melih’s gorgeous vocals in the spotlight. In doing so, he not only injects the beats with his unique brand of thumping House, but he also pays homage to the Morrocan diva’s heritage and influences. Listen to both the original and the new remix below: 

The two producers had this to say about their collab, R3HAB: “I’ve been a fan of Acid Arab’s work for a long time now, so I was excited when they reached out. I had a lot of fun remixing ‘Habaytak’, it’s always a good challenge to infuse my sound into different genres and musical cultures. I loved the experience and we’re excited to finally share it with the world!”. Acid Arab: “This mix of R3HAB’s more mainstream sound with our Arabic-inspired electronic music has spawned a unique and potentially massive track. We’re honoured that R3HAB agreed to add his special touch and individual vibe to our track. We’re proud to see more musical boundaries fall.”

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Credit: Ari Amun

Ari Amun is an American singer-songwriter based in both Atlanta and New York City. Priding herself on her original but inspired vocal style, she adds a differentiating tone to mainstream pop and R&B grooves. Raised in Powder Springs, Georgia, Amun knew she needed to branch out to greater landscapes. Once accepted to NYU’s Contemporary Vocal program she knew she was solidifying her devotion to her craft. Now in her sophomore year of college, Ari Amun can’t wait to share her growing songbook with the world. Watch the new video below.

The new track, released on 3 November 2023, sees Amun’s soulful delivery shining atop a hard-hitting house beat from featured producer Madhi. Leaping across genre lines, ‘Human Nature’ lands somewhere special between the R&B and Pop spectrums. The featured single incorporates Afro-Jazz improvisations with spell-bindingly bluesy soul. As the chorus drops in, it’s met by a funky bassline determined to keep you moving.

“I’m very proud of the songs I wrote and produced in high school as I wouldn’t be the songwriter and singer I am without them, but at the same time, I’m excited to release music that’s more aligned with my artistry. I have worked very hard over the past couple of years, especially on who I am as a vocalist, and I feel “Human Nature” is a great opener to what’s to come.”

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The JLB and GRAVY drop transcending track ‘Too Much Toosh’


The JLB and the innovative Eastend outfit GRAVY have united their creative forces in the release of their latest record, ‘Too Much Toosh’, set to drop on October 20th. This track defies easy categorization, striving to transcend conventional genres. The JLB is the main moniker of Croydon-raised Jamie Bulled. He has been producing his unique brand of UK Bass music for 10 years. GRAVY is a production duo voiced by Casper a multi-faceted writer, rapper, vocalist, producer, artist and designer occasionally supported by idntmttr vocally too an ethereal sonic technician and producer whose ear plays a central role in the majority, if not all of the recent Kingdome Recordings projects and releases. GRAVY now hone their craft at Belly Of The Beast Studios under Nick Detnon previously home to Dizzee Rascal where the seminal Boy In The Corner was made.

Both of these artists are gearing up for a series of live shows and DJ sets, taking their unique sound from London to Manchester, Bristol to Brighton, and everywhere in between. On November 3rd, GRAVY will grace the stage at Kingdome’s BOUDICA in Manchester, sharing the bill with illustrious talents like Shannen SP, Rainy Miller (the DJ/Producer behind Blackhaine), and Ill Japonia (of Bo Ningen fame). Last month, GRAVY and The JLB unveiled their joint bi-monthly Post Genre Party at the now-legendary South London venue, Spanners.

‘Too Much Toosh’ is nothing short of beautiful chaos. The track features deep, transposed vocals and an unpredictable beat that creeps into your senses. It’s a multi-faceted composition, with elements such as old-school rave chords, colossal basslines, and hard-hitting drums. To contrast the aggressive production, ethereal feminine vocals make an appearance. The end result is a harmonious blend of unpredictable yet irresistible soundscapes that demand your attention, despite their seemingly enigmatic and wild nature. It’s a sonic entity that’s unlike anything else while simultaneously encompassing elements from every corner of the musical spectrum. 

Reimagining the formula for forward thinking dance music and asking themselves, “at its core, what makes a banger sound original?” especially in today’s homogenous world. Their answer : “Being bold, different and good.

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Guard releases smokey new single ‘color by numbers’ with a self-directed music video


Charismatic memer Guard released the first single, ‘color by numbers’ on 1 October 2023. It is the first single from his upcoming second album IT WAS ALL A MEME… – set to hit the airwaves on October 27th 2023. Born in a small town in South Africa before immigrating to Australia at a young age, Guard was brought up on the internet, fostering a love for pop music & pop culture, expressing himself through poetry, lyrics, filmmaking and graphic design. He has a strong presence in the internet’s meme community, with a combined following of over 1 million. Using his meme pages as a base, he has launched a following for his own musical project. Guard creates conceptual, unexpected pop music that draws from personal experience, aiming to blur the lines between technology and humanity so that listeners are forced to remain aware of – and continue to question – society around them.

‘color by numbers’ is a moody, confessional self-portrait that navigates the sometimes confusing dating game. He collaborated with fellow queer artist Indiana Williams on the lyrics which tell the story of Guard finally feeling mentally stable enough to look for companionship. Backed by a Post Malone-esque gritty, dark trap production, Guard’s smooth and emotive vocals paint a hazy, smokey sonic picture. You emerge from listening feeling dazed, but moved. 

Guard’s self-directed & edited music video shows the story behind a scar on his sternum. He divulged: “I wanted to be brave as an artist and show an aspect of myself that I try to hide & in a sense paint a picture of who I truly am. My scars make me stronger & there is a lesson to be learned through every adversity. However, I think it’s also okay to want to pursue things that don’t sabotage my mental well-being & to not want “just another lesson”. My journey over the past few years has been learning how to trust and respect myself.”

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Klay Cartier razzles and dazzles with fiery single ‘On The Low’

Credit: Rachel Baker

On September 21, 2023, the talented American vocalist and songwriter, Klay Cartier, unveiled his latest single, ‘On The Low,’ through Kult Klassic Studios. Hailing from the American Midwest, Cartier has garnered significant attention from influential publications like CLASH Magazine, NOTION Magazine, WordPlay Magazine, Music Crowns, CLOUT, and more. His music exudes an irresistible and soulful charm, drawing inspiration from icons such as Drake, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder. Building on his momentum, ‘On The Low’ has already premiered and received support from notable webzine EARMILK.

On The Low’ stands out with Klay‘s distinctive personality and confident swagger woven into its fabric. It exudes soulfulness, sensuality, and an enticing rhythm, boasting lyrics rich in flavor as Cartier showcases his vocal prowess over a simmering and dreamy R&B backdrop. Delving into the theme of forbidden love, Klay Cartier leaves nothing unsaid, openly acknowledging an enigmatic lover and their romantic escapades. It’s reminiscent of the golden era of classic R&B, evoking a real nostalgic response, when soulful R&B ruled the radio waves. Despite its classic feel though, it evokes contemporary images of artists such as Bryson Tiller and Jermemih.

Klay Cartier had this to say: “I’m so excited about this release because I’m finally giving people what they want. I’m showcasing my natural ability in R&B and I’m bringing back that classic R&B. This song is sexy, sultry and definitely an ode to the early 00’s R&B.”

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Brooklyn Hip-hop duo Suave n Thick drop stylish new single ‘Long Distance’

Image credit: Jesse Capello-Colon

Up-and-comers in the American Hip-hop scene Suave n Thick released their catchy new single ‘Long Distance’ on the 25th of August via Suave n Thick LLC. Having previously worked with producers such as Rawsmoov (Juvenile), megaTRONG (MoneyMan) and Strew-B (Soulja Boy), ‘Long Distance’ was even mixed and mastered by Maxime Morin, who has previously worked with the likes of H.E.R and A$AP Rocky.

Listen: Suave n Thick – ‘Long Distance’ 

‘Long Distance’ is doused in an effortless sheen. Nostalgic and slick, the beat and flow give off a distinct Nate Dogg and Warren G vibe as the duo effortlessly combines elements of R&B and Hip-Hop. With solid storytelling and lyricism, It’s a track focused on the emotions we all feel when falling for someone, and how that love grows stronger in their absence. Combining elements of west-coast hip hop with pop for a dash of mainstream sensibility, It’s a song with a little bit of everything for anyone. 

Suave n Thick had this to say, “‘Long Distance’ is a collaborative effort between us and a London based producer, Eclectic. The record utilizes elements of west coast hip hop, contemporary R&B, and even pop to capture the feeling of longing for that special someone as distance makes the heart grow fonder”

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Interview with rising vocalist Klay Cartier

Klay Cartier, Childish Gambino, Cimo Fränkel, Frank Ocean
Klay Cartier, Childish Gambino, Cimo Fränkel, Frank Ocean

Image credit: Rachael Baker @RWPhotography

Setting himself apart from the crowd with a visceral, embodied tone is Kansas-based Klay Cartier. Listening to his latest offering, a make-your-head-nod single titled ‘Good For Nothin’’, we were carried away by a whirlwind of precision. Anything but tame, the classic hip-hop drums slam relentlessly beneath the warmth of Klay’s timbre – Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. 

Stream / Download: Klay Cartier – ‘Good For Nothin’’

This young man is being talked about. Having previously featured in NOTION Magazine, WordPlay Magazine, and The Pit London, he has garnered early press support for his latest single from the noteworthy music publication CLASH Magazine. And today we’re adding our support. To mark the occasion, we got to know more about this rising name. Here is Klay Cartier

When recording ‘Good For Nothing’’ how did you get into the zone?

Once I heard the heavy percussion and the guitar melody that we ended up reversing, I was instantly excited, I had this butterfly feeling, and I felt like I could really do something amazing to this.

Singers and producers often have different tastes. How do you negotiate decisions about the sound direction with your producer?

With my producers, it can really be a power struggle because we both care about the song and we both want the song to be good, but sometimes if not all the time we just hear a different version of the song that may be what we originally intended on when it came to the creation, ultimately we just have to compromise and find a solution that fits both of our tastes. Personally, I try not to be bratty so sometimes I can easily find a compromise and be open to change.

Looking back, what were some of your earliest entries into music appreciation? And music production?

I remember sneaking into my mom’s CD collection and just listening to ‘90s R&B and ‘00s R&B, and I would lay next to the radio getting lost in the music. I’d even write down my favourite lyrics from the songs. As far as music production, I’ve only started to dive into that recently since I’ve been more hands-on with my music production.

Take us through your list of dream software/gear you would like to get?

Definitely a Neumann U67! I’m a microphone geek and, to me, that’s one of the best microphones out right now!

What do you need with you when you sit down to write or produce?

My phone! I’m always recording different harmonies and weird sounds that I think would sound cool in a beat, so often I like to play those back to see if they inspire anything whether it be a hook or a verse.

What other artistic revenues do you pursue?

Besides acting and modelling, I write poetry under a pseudonym, one which I’m not ready to reveal just yet.

Studio work and music creation or performing and interacting with a live audience, what do you prefer?

Performing and interacting with an audience for sure! There’s just a certain euphoric feeling when you’re on stage, and it’s kind of like you’re forced to live in the moment. You’re not worried about yesterday or tomorrow; you’re engulfed in the present.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Seeing the messages and comments of people who say that they can’t stop listening to my music. That may sound simple, but there were times when I thought no one would ever listen to my songs.

Name 3 artists you would love to collaborate with in the future

Definitely Drake, 21 Savage, and SZA.

Do you think music should provide social commentary and reflect the current world?

Most definitely. What would music be if it didn’t narrate the times? Music not only provides the soundtrack to our lives, but it connects us and helps us unite. I think it’s our responsibility as artists to stay as authentic and genuine as we can, so it’s very important for us to comment on what’s going on.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or gigs in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

Currently, I’m getting into acting and developing a fitness series, so be on the lookout for that, especially with the fitness series, which will be featured on my TikTok.

One last thought to leave your fans with?

Be good to people even when they are not good to you.

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