Hip-hop inspired band Club Noir share song ‘Freak’

Blackbear, NF, Club Noir
Blackbear, NF, Club Noir

After impressing earlier this summer with their previous release, “Reload”, which received high praise, Club Noir have returned with their captivating new single, “Freak”. With its theatrical and circus-like instrumental, it arrives just in time for Halloween season and will no doubt continue the group’s impressive run.

Club Noir are based in Phoenix and formed by rappers Elijah NX, Alex G and Elijah’s brother, Isus. And, as always with their music, their talent and versatility shine through on “Freak”. Opting for a dark and eerie soundscape, the track commands attention from the opening seconds and maintains it through its addictive melodies and insanely catchy hook.

Lyrically, “Freak” is an ode to individuality and not fitting in, which many will be able to relate to. Expanding further, Club Noir say, “Freak is a song about not fitting into what is considered ‘normal’ categories in society and all the mixed emotions that go along with that. From emotions like ‘I want to please you; I’ll do anything you want me to do’ to ‘forget what society thinks – I’m going to do anything I d*mn well please and be me’ and everything in between.”

Another incredibly impressive track to add to their discography, Club Noir continue to go from strength to strength. And with more singles lined up for release for the coming months, expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more from this immensely talented group.

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