Next music production tech giant, Soundwide available now

Native Instruments, iZotope, Sound Stacks, Soundwide
Native Instruments, iZotope, Sound Stacks, Soundwide

Technology, where would we be without it in a pandemic-riddled world? Especially with the music industry taking a lot of the heat and live performances ever-so-slowly picking up in the last few months after a 2-year gap and decline. Producers have managed to keep the fire burning with software and music tech from names like iZotope and Native Instruments. 

These two uniquely built music technology systems joined together last year and now have created a parent company called Soundwide, which will host these brands along with other names like Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, and the newly launched Sound Stacks.

Sound Stacks was engineered by the minds of Cesare Ferrari and Julian Store, and acts as a framework application for all these brands to work efficiently together. Definitely an exciting launch and a new way of working alone and collaborating from afar with minimal distributions. 

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