Electronic duo Lick Drop release latest banger song, ‘Made O Stone’

FFO: Charli XCX, Iggy Azalea, Lick Drop

Electronic duo Lick Drop release latest banger song, ‘Made O Stone’

Image credit: Lick Drop

London based duo LICK DROP unveil their new track Made O Stone. LICK DROP are the self-proclaimed AI cosmic production Demons. Pouring emotion and non-linear transmissions into the stream of monotony viewed through internet life, the duo see a generation in peril and provide a voice so little represented in modern music. Inspired by AG Cook, Grimes, Melanie Martinez and Lil Uzi Vert, LD create a new vision for music that blurs the lines between genres but that takes influence from trap, rock and hyperpop to create a unique music composite.

Made O Stone is the perfect example of that, 808 booming bass and drums devastate Hyper-Pop synths to take you on a heroic journey through the psychedelic cosmos. Guided by the anime style left of centre vocal melodies Made O Stone explores the sounds of Charli XCX and lil Uzi Vert to create their own unique style.

Hailing from South London, they have rejected the trappings of the modern music industry as true underground artists to create something wholly unique, building a collective in their studio in South London of like-minded individuals, artists and creatives.

It’s this exciting vision that attracted the duo to global-pop star Kiesza. First meeting Kiesza through a previous label, LICK DROP and her have bonded as friends and collaborators, with the duo having writing credits on Kiesza‘s latest album (for tracks Dance With Your Best Friend and Sky Aint The Limit. They recently collaborated on LICK DROP‘s Halloween track Dracula and have more music to come soon.

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