Professional football player and esteemed artist Dide, has released his latest offering ‘Mental’ on June 20, 2024. Dide uses ‘Mental’ as a form of therapy and healing as he processes his emotions, lifestyle and personal life throughout the track.

Dide is a world-renowned football player, who released his debut track ‘Thrill’ in 2023 which catapulted his music career. ‘Thrill’ garnered millions of streams across platforms, and proved that Dide is not only a force on the field, but behind the mic too. Throughout his football career Dide experienced public scrutiny, physical injuries, racism, financial exploitation and loneliness, all of which contributed to the theme behind ‘Mental’.

In ‘Mental’, Dide is vulnerable, open and honest. His flow is effortless and glides over the hard-hitting Grime beat. Although the track addresses some heavier themes, Dide’s authenticity and profound talent can not be ignored. Dide’s resiliency and bravery are extremely admirable, and will undoubtedly create a stronger connection with his dedicated fans. If anything, ‘Mental’ exhibits why Dide is one to watch.

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