European hip hop star Papa Aashi spits cross-cultural bars on new track ‘boys II men’

Credit: Papa Aashi

On November 24th, ‘European hip-hop’ rogue agent Papa Aashi broke tradition and boundaries with his fresh new song, ‘boyz II men’. Blending jazz, blues, indie rock, and trip-hop into a unique brand of hip-hop stylings, the Amsterdam-based artist’s music is informed by a wide array of cultural influences. Born in Brussels, and living between the cultural crossroads of both Kazakhstan and Ireland before landing in Amsterdam, Papa Aashi offers a fresh perspective on cross-cultural storytelling through his music. Over the past year, Aashi has stormed the stages of prominent clubs in both Amsterdam and London following the success of his debut 2021 album, ARIA. Stream the new single ‘boys II men’ right now:

The direct reference to Motown legends notwithstanding, ‘boyz II men’ highlights the rapper and producer’s captivatingly mature flow and varied approach to compositional influences. Down-tempo but in no way dull, the new track offers an experimental approach to structure. Discontent with following the norm, Papa Aashi delivery is a distinct brand of bars. As the vocals smoothly steer the track’s momentum, Aashi traverses his genre-bending production style with panache. With a bright funk-dance flair, the production work showcases Aashi‘s signature groovy timbre and melodic magic. Subtly sucking listeners in with new sounds whilst offering familiar hooky progressions.

From his early days as an EDM DJ to immersing himself in the underground world of trap, Papa Aashi has metamorphosed into a new-age European rapper and producer; laser-focused on honing his sonic identity and carving out his own unique lane within the electronic music scene.

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